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+66 8 3997 9644

Custom Fabric Orders

  • Fabric customization service available at SC GRAND – we are a recycling facility with expertise in manufacturing recycled textiles. Send us your requirements for end-use, or fabric specifications including weave/knit structures, shades, and color that you would like to achieve, along with your order quantity and we will be in touch.
  • All orders are customizable. Please note that for custom orders under 2,000 kg, there will be an added surcharge based on your order quantity and fabric specification.

Fabric Color Customization

We offer color customization in two options:

  • Chemically processed – bleached, dyed, and finished into the desired Pantone.
  • Non-chemical process – which we will ensure that the color achieved would be as close to, but we cannot guarantee to match the exact Pantone that you may specify. This is due to the colors of raw materials (textile wastes) available at the time being out of our control, though we see this as being the charm of SC GRAND’s chemical-free recycled fabrics.

Tags and Labels for SC GRAND Fabrics

  • We provide SC GRAND label on all orders (free of charge) to reassure that the fabric came from us and is 100% sustainable. We would also like to offer our hang-tags – once the QR code is scanned it will display the measurement of impacts your product (made from SC GRAND fabric) has on the environment from start to finish of the product’s life cycle.

Sample Swatches

  • If you would like to have a hand feel of our recycled fabrics, we would like to welcome you to our showroom on the 3rd floor of CIRCULAR Building, Siam Square Soi. 2
  • Alternatively, you can request swatches through our LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT: @scgrand

Fabric Availablity

  • SC GRAND offers a wide range of sustainable fabrics which are suitable for clothing, accessories, and home uses/furnishing.

Recycled Fabrics containing rPET

  • We do incorporate PET bottles into a selection of our fabrics
  • This is because synthetic fabrics made from rPET are already widely available in the market, so we prefer to focus on reducing textile wastes from the fashion industry giving them a new life and a new purpose without any harmful chemicals in the process.

Natural Fibre and Fabrics

In terms of options available for natural/alternative fibers, we have got quite a variety of selections ranging from

  • Pineapple fiber blends with Recycled/Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester
  • Banana fiber blends with Recycled/Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester
  • Additionally, we can custom-made your fabric orders tailor to your needs. Which includes Thai Grown Organic Cotton, Recycled Wool/Silk/Linen/Hemp, and many more.

Standards and Certifications

All of our raw materials have been responsibly sourced and met the international standards, certified and recognized by well-reputed organizations such as:

  • GRS ‘Global Recycled Standard’ Certified by Textile Exchange (USA)
  • GOTS ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ Certified by GOTS organization (Germany)
  • OEKO TEX Standard (Switzerland)

Care Instructions

  • Our knitted and jersey fabrics are machine washable. Though we recommend that you hand wash, or use hand wash (delicate cycle) and no more than 30°C setting on your washing machine. Iron on reverse with medium to low heat, do not bleach or tumble dry.
  • For other woven fabrics, follow the standard recommendations or as instructed on the care label. We would still recommend you to wash inside out, cool to medium iron on reverse, do not bleach or tumble dry, and to save energy – wash at 30°C or below.

Recycling your textile wastes and unwanted garments

At SC GRAND we offer what we call the ‘Closed Loop Project’ as a part of our recycling services.

  • Tailored to corporates and SMEs who would like to align themselves with ESG, BCG, and SDGs. This project will give you an eco-friendly refresh to your uniforms, reducing the use of natural resources and chemicals involved in manufacturing the conventional new uniforms. As an example, we can recycle your unworn blue shirts into an updated blue shirt. Which hand in hand, would also prevent the negative impacts brand new uniforms have on the environment.
  • If you are a fashion brand and would like to take part in our ‘Closed Loop Project’ – you are more than welcome to provide us with your cutting waste/off-cuts or any textile wastes you may possess (starting from 50 kg), and we will recycle them into new fabrics for your next collection. Note that your textile wastes undergoing our ‘Closed Loop Project’ will not be chemically processed, but will be directly incorporated into the surface of the new fabric which can be designed to your requirements. These visible pigmented textures on your new fabric show a story of your textile waste journey.

Stories Behind SC Grand’s Fabrics

Our recycled fabrics are made from all kinds of textile wastes in the fashion industry in addition to discarded garments, which include wastes from fabric mills and garment manufacturers. SC GRAND collected these wastes to reprocess into raw materials – sorted by colors in order to synthesize new hues and shades of the fabrics without the need for bleaching/dyeing, or any harmful chemicals. Moreover, we have been certified by GRS and OEKO-TEX for our source of materials and processes of manufacturing our recycled fabrics at SC GRAND.

Our recycled fabrics help reduce negative impacts on the environment such as reducing freshwater usage in growing cotton and avoiding the use of dyes and harmful chemicals. As well as reducing manufacturing processes which means less energy consumption and CO2 emission.

Childrenswear Fabrics

  • SC GRAND fabrics are suitable for all garment types, including childrenswear. Our recycled fabrics have been certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 to ensure that there is no toxic or harmful chemical being used in the process of manufacturing and safe for kids/newborns.

Sportswear Fabrics

  • SC GRAND is currently working on new fabric development including recycled fabrics for sportswear. Once we have achieved the perfect result, we will be sure to share this news on our website.

Swimwear Fabrics

  • Recycled swimwear fabrics are also currently under development, we will be announcing the good news on our website soon.